Ahead of the shows, we have been catching-up with experts across the food & drink sector. Take a look below to hear some of their insights: 


Food & Drink Expo:


Catherine Conway


How big of an issue is single use packaging to the industry as of 2023?

Marisa Heath

Plant-based Food Alliance UK

What role should businesses play in promoting plant-based diets to consumers? 


Adam Leyland

The Grocer

Delivery massively expanded during the pandemic, has it reached its peak or do you feel there is further to go? 



Farm Shop & Deli Show:


Iain Hemming

Thyme & Tides

What kind of innovative new products are you hoping to see at the Dragon's Pantry this year?

Paul Hargreaves 

Cotswold Fayre

How has being a B Corp impacted your company, and what changes have you implemented as a result of this commitment?


Foodex Manufacturing Solutions:


Bert Popping


What are some of the key food and drink trends that we should look out for this year?

Bethan Grylls

Food Manufacture

You are fairly new to your role, so what is your view on the industry at large?



David Deeley

Kerry Group

What key trends are you seeing in 2023 and how do they affect the industry in its current state?

Julianne Ponan MBE

Creative Nature 

How do you keep up with the ever-changing regulations and guidelines relaqted to food labelling, particularly around allergies and intolerances? 


Emma Piercy

Food & Drink Federation 

What do you think are the biggest challenges the industry faces in achieving the goal of being net-zero by 2040, and how can they be addresssed? 



National Convenience Show:


Aidan Fortune

Convenience Store

You're going to be leading so many conversations, which topics are you most excited for? 

Ant Frankland


What are the key shopper trends in convenience in the current cost of living crisis? 


Peter Batt


What are the key opportunities coming up that could help to support the convenience retail industry?

John Dunne 


What is your perspective on the current efforts to prevent the rise of illicit vape products? 


Mandi Leonard 


What are some of the number one threats when it comes to critical incidents and what are GroceryAid doing to combat this?