With innovation, fresh thinking and new tastes and trends constantly emerging from the dynamic food and drink industry, what future trends might be next on the horizon? Our forward-thinking exhibitors had some fabulous answers to our futuristic probing. Here’s just a taste of the foodie future they envisage. 

Health on the Horizon

The biggest trend that is really causing a stir at the Food & Drink Expo this year is the distinct presence of a broad and varied range of health foods and drinks. In answer to a strong call for produce that benefits consumer health and wellbeing, many exhibitors are acutely aware of the necessity to meet this growing demand. 

But the expectations don’t stop there. 

KLG Spice, who have created the world’s first 24k edible gold natural spice breath freshener, are at the cutting edge of innovation. Winner of World Food Innovation Awards 2018 for Best Confectionery they have noticed what could be next:

“There is already a trend toward healthier eating habits and a strong focus on organic, non-GMO, and gluten-free, but creating foods with ingredients which have a positive effect and can treat or prevent many illnesses is looming on the horizon.”

KLG 3 cropped


Meanwhile, Una Ozoliņa from Dabas Dots herbal drinks sees that “in the not-too-distant future functional drinks will become more popular. Consumers will demand the products which give them energy, vitamins and other nutrients sourced from plant origin.”

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And in the same vein, Sally Patterson from The Coconut Company foresees “the use of plant-based milks becoming more prolific in everyday life.” Due to its versatility and ‘free-from-friendliness’, they are finding more and more uses for the humble coconut whilst meeting the future head-on.  


Futuristic Offerings

So, what forward-thinking fare have our exhibitors been working on and what will they be bringing to Birmingham this year?   

Dabas Dots are introducing ‘Dzeramais’ a natural herbal drink made from ingredients found in Latvian meadows. “We are bringing innovation using real brewed tea and finding the natural replacements for sugar,” says Una. 

In addition to their Coconut oil, unrefined coconut sugar, coconut vinegar and coconut milk powder, Sally from The Coconut Company says, “We are also launching four varieties of coconut milk powder drinks that we feel meet the consumers’ demand for adventurous tastes - Ginger Coconut Latte, Matcha Coconut Latte, Green Coffee Coconut Latte and Cocoa Coconut Latte.”

And KLG Spice will be exhibiting their intriguing gold-coated alternative to mint and gum. They say: “Made with cardamom infused with saffron, each of those ingredients are identified as having anti-inflammatory, anti-carcinogenic, and/or anti-oxidant properties and are historically known for their positive effects on digestive health.”

What other products should we be looking out for? 

But the innovation doesn’t stop there. Our exhibitors have spotted some other novel and inventive products on their travels. Why not keep an eye out for:
o Drinks containing pulp or chia seeds for increased functionality.
o Coffee pixels – a bar of edible coffee to take with you wherever you go as replacement to coffee.
o Chicza chewing gum – completely biodegradable and made only from natural ingredients.

Be prepared to encounter some weird and wonderful products from far-flung corners of the world in our exhibition halls at the Food & Drink Expo 2018. You can also find our groundbreaking blog contributors at the following locations. Why not transport yourself across to see them and taste the future. 

Ganesha Spice - KLG Spice
Stand G166


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The Coconut Company
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