This year the Grocer Talking Shop Live stage will see some really unique and unmissable sessions. One we’re particularly looking forward to is the session on Digital Storytelling with Craig Hill and Karen Fewell from Digital Blonde and Young National Chef of the Year, Ruth Hansom. Where else can you watch one of the most talented young chefs in action, sample her signature dish and pick up some invaluable marketing advice all in half an hour? 


Recipe for success

Respected chef Ruth will be cooking up a storm on stage and talking about her journey so far and her passions when it comes to food and flavour. All the while, expert marketers Karen and Craig, will be dishing out some of the latest research and insights in digital marketing. This session is set to be unlike any other though as Karen and Craig translate Ruth’s food into killer social content. Taking you beyond theory, this fast-paced session will show you how to create engaging social media posts across a range of platforms. Karen explained: 

“During the session you’ll get to grips with the key differences between all the social platforms and learn how your business can make the most of each one. My quick-fired guide to social media success will cover everything from using Instagram Stories to promoted posts and SnapChat. While Craig’s discussion on digital storytelling will change the way you think about creating content.”


Fusing food and stories

Why is storytelling so important in digital marketing? The short answer according to Karen and Craig is that people remember stories far better than they do facts or marketing messages. Karen advises attending the session to learn what makes a memorable story and where social media fits into this.

With a strong background in the food & drink industry, Karen and Craig are known for backing up their marketing advice with relevant industry examples, meaning you’ll come away with practical tips and ideas to try out. This hands-on session will end with a chance to check out Ruth’s culinary skills and sample her finished special dish. It’s an unmissable occasion, whether you’re a food brand, retailer, restaurant or hotel. See it on The Grocer Talking Shop Live  Stage at 12pm, Monday 16th April.